St Pius X Parish, Raiwaqa "To restore all things in Christ"

CCD Classes for St Pius X Raiwaqa Parish

CCD classes have already begun in St Pius X Parish Raiwaqa.

Please find details below if you need to register your child/children for these CCD Classes..



Please, come to the parish office and register the Children’s Catechism.
Up to 3rd Child $15.00 / child
4th & 5th Child $7.50 / child
6th Child + FREE

1) Planning for the First Holy Communion in this year / Sacrament of Confirmation next year – REGISTER TODAY!
If your children need any financial support for registering this program, please come to the parish office for the assistance.

Commissioned Catechists and their respective classes for the year:

Class School Year  Catechist(s)Class Venue 
 1. Pre-Communion 1-3 Mrs Alanieta Music Room
 2. Communion 4 Mrs Tabua/ Qereqeretabua Fr Hurley Hall
 3. Post-Communion 5- 6 Mrs Vira AB Mataca Hall
 4. Pre-Confirmation 7-9 Mr Dan/ Mrs Waqaliti Fr Hurley Hall
 5. Confirmation 11- 12 Mrs Roseru, Tifere, Vira, Alanieta Church
 6. Post-Confirmation 13 Sr Kalala, Amani, Tupou Church